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Teckel, small GPS tracking device
small GPS tracking device



Size isn’t everything!


This small, very high-performance unit is designed to fit your key ring, slip into your bag, or even “sit on your lap”! It’s small, lightweight & quite amazing, this little sidekick will not let you down!


A powerful miniaturized device to track people, goods or vehicles Weighing only 35 grams, the TECKEL is presently the smallest complete chargeable GSM / GPS tracking device in its class & will track any mobile asset!


Ideal for:

  • Multi environment tracking,

  • apartments,

  • City centres, even when access to sky is limited

  • Marathons,

  • Paragliding,

  • Motorbikes,

  • scooters

  • Money bundles & valuables

  • Children, VIP’s & personnel tracking

  • Handbag and suitcase tracking


"I take a Teckel with me when I go snowboarding. It's uber small and shows the tracks I carve off piste, shows my speed too and also where I've wiped out! Well chuffed!"


Pete L - Ipswich

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