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About us


We've been where you are. We know you need a tracking system you can trust.

There's no feeling you learn to appreciate more than security. Our founder, Coll MacDougall Hunter has more than 25 years experience in the United Nations (UNCTAD) and over 30 years experience in transport. The need for secure tracking across dangerous terrain was vital to ensure cargo reached the destination safely and on time. With these challenges Hunter Global Tracking was born. 


Our product range is unique because our tracker units are cable-free so if your tractor "disappears" the trailer (and the container on it!) will still be tracked. They work independently of any other power supply (eg tractor or truck battery) with their own long life internal batteries & use state of the art telecommunications with all necessary options (geofencing sensors etc).

Our system addresses challenging circumstances and tough, all weather, all terrain conditions. Keeping your assets safe 24/7. 

What do we do? Its simple, we track the things that are valuable to you! 

  • Stealth Tracking

  • Container Tracking

  • All weather global coverage

  • Asset tracking

  • GPS locating 

  • Alert notifications

  • Transport

  • Personal emergency alert

  • Vehicle tracking and mapping

  • Complete location overview

  • Customised personal location tracking

  • Remote tracking

  • Own charge / autonomous power solutions

Safe, Tracked & Total Control


We will set everything up for you and then give you your own account. We don't need to be contacted for an overview of anything. You will have full control of your business and it's tracking movements, we will only be involved if you ask us to be.

We understand that your business is your business, so let us set up the tracking solution to your requirements and then leave you to carry on with your business. Of course if you need support, we will be there for you.


Protecting your prized possessions comes as second nature to us all. At Hunter Global Tracking we offer you complete peace of mind. Know exactly where your goods are, whenever you want, from wherever you want.


No middle men, no small print just the knowledge you know where your things are at all times.

We offer extra levels of  protection in times of emergency and also stealth tracking. 

You have worked all your life for what you own



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