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"These products will undoubtedly reduce scope for yacht and boat theft and for disputes at the end of yacht charters about whether or not there was a grounding. Insurance premiums should be reduced for yachts and boats warranted to use them".

Nick Parton - Jackson Parton, marine solicitors




"I take a Teckel with me when I go snowboarding. It's uber small and shows the tracks I carve off piste, shows my speed too and also where I've wiped out! Well chuffed!"


Pete L - Ipswich


"Land Rovers are being pinched all the time.

The great thing about my Pitbull is that it has no cables. I just stick it anywhere and it does the job, inside or out.

Any thief worth his salt just finds the standard tracker cables from cars and cuts them. It's in the news all the time! If they make the effort to steal your car then of course they will know where the factory trackers are kept.


It's a no brainer to have a cable free device in your car."

Mr P - Anglesey 





"I live in central london and I've had 3 motorbikes stolen. I'm not taking the risk again. I love the Teckel, so small and with limited space on a bike it's perfect!"


PDT London 





"My VW Camper-van has a ridgeback on the roof.

It's not hidden, but it's there. I've bolted it on between the sky lights and there is no way they will get it off.

I like the fact it's visible as it is an instant deterrent.


Never need to charge it, even the English sun is enough"


Ben - South London





"My ford ranger isn't worth a lot, but it's my workhorse and worth a lot to me. I had it tracked in seconds.









"Hello, My boat has a Griffon Hunt on it. I love the geo-fence function. Now I get a message if the boat leaves the marina."


John - Brighton

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