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Mobile assets which move in hazardous explosive areas or transport dangerous goods (e.g. chemicals, gas etc.) require special tracking and monitoring.


The Bulldog Mini Sat has been specifically designed to address this usage area.


Its unique rugged metal housing with hermetically-sealed internal electronics has been optimized for hazardous explosive areas.


It has been certified for the highest ATEX requirements.


With 2 positions per day, it transmits for 4 to 6 years on high performance consumer batteries.


It communicates by satellite, i.e. it is able to transmit its position globally from anywhere on this planet and not depend on land networks.


The Bulldog Mini Sat is very compact; it can be fixed with two screws/bolts to any surface or object.


The full power of this tracking unit is unleashed with the Hunter Global Tracking platform – HGT’s comprehensive and powerful telematics portal.

Asset Tracking in Hazardous Explosive Areas by Satellite Communication
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